The official CycloFemme ride is May 14, 2017, but the spirit of CycloFemme can happen any time you get on a bike. Invite one friend or many. Here are a few tips to guide the ride.



To plan your ride, you will want to answer five big questions –
Who? What? When? Where? How?



Decide who you want to join you on your ride and plan accordingly. Will this be a ride for beginners? or a ride to challenge each other to reach new lengths? Will it be new friends or your existing group? City, road, or mountain bike riders? Women-only, with “manbassadors,” or with whole families? By determining who you want to celebrate with, you can fine tune the ride to fit.


Any type and size of ride can be a CycloFemme ride. Choose what type of ride is best for your group. Last year, CycloFemme was celebrated with long road rides, dirt rides, races, picnics, bike paths adventures, bar and cafe hops and even a parade!


Pick a time for the ride to start and end. It can be helpful to plan a meeting time a little before your ride departs, giving everyone a chance to prepare, meet new friends, and saddle up. In the US, CycloFemme falls on Mother’s Day so it may be beneficial to take this into consideration when planning your celebration.


Choose a route with a start and end place. Bikes shops, bike friendly cafes, and parks make great meeting and starting places. Choose a spot that is easy to get to, has space to gather before and after the ride, and provides a comfortable atmosphere to make new friends.

Your designated route should be appropriate for the group you plan to ride with. If you are planning an “all wheels welcome” or beginner ride, make sure your route is easy for anyone who might decide to join in on the fun. Consider choosing a route you have ridden in the past with few anticipated surprises.

Also consider if there are phases to the ride, so less experienced riders can join up or drop off, while still taking part.

Check your route in the week leading up to the ride to avoid unexpected construction, route closures or unsafe conditions.


Decide how you would like to communicate about your CycloFemme ride. Again, pick a method that suits your own habits as well as those of your group. Creating a facebook event page has been very popular and makes it easy to invite others and share information leading up to ride day. But remember, not everyone is on facebook so you should have another way to communicate. Provide an email address, social media contact or phone number that’s easiest for you.


Submit your details HERE, and you’ll be listed on the ride page and added to our email list for updates. If you have an idea for a special ride, email us at


Now it is time to spread the word! Invite everyone you know to join, or lead a ride of their own. As members of the growing tribe of women in cycling, we have the opportunity to double our numbers by each inviting one more woman to join the ride.

The best way to spread the word is through social media, word of mouth and printed materials. If you are using a facebook event page be sure to post regularly, keeping your guests updated and engaged about CycloFemme.  If you’re on twitter, follow @cyclofemme as well for news to share with your friends, family, neighbors, everyone you know!

Using hashtags helps others see what you’re posting, and pulls your posts onto the CycloFemme site. Use #cyclofemme on twitter, instagram and facebook. Add local tags like #bikenyc to build local interest.

Tools for your use are here—including:
poster template, save the date, postcard, stencil template and example ride guide,
banners and
logos for cue sheets or other items you may want for the day!


May 8, we ride. Don’t be nervous, this is a day to celebrate women in cycling with your friends all around the world! Every ride and every rider counts! Just have fun. Even if it rains.


You create the story of CycloFemme through your photos. Designate at least one person on your ride to take photos and video (even a short video taken with a phone will do). Use Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #CycloFemme to immediately stream onto the home page of

Instructions for uploading high res photos and video will also be sent in an email when we get close to the day. By sharing your story, we Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, Empower the Future of Women in Cycling.


Let’s show the world that WE RIDE TOGETHER.