CycloFemme is a Global Celebration of Women created TO HONOR THE PAST from the shoulders of those who stood before us, for the freedom to choose and the chance to wear pants. TO CELEBRATE THE PRESENT with strength and courage, voices raised, moving together. TO EMPOWER THE FUTURE of women everywhere, the backbone of positive social change.

The idea is simple

Each year on Mother’s Day (US), self-led bike rides around the globe unite riders, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or bicycle preference. Any ride length, type, and size counts, whether two friends, a team or a parade. Mark your 2019 calendars now for Sunday, May 12.

The act is powerful

We share an experience outside in our communities. We feel our literal strength. We lift, push and propel one another. And along the way, we discover—or rediscover— the joy in riding a bike.

Stronger together

Our community lives in large cities and small towns in every region of the world, with past rides in 40 countries, and nearly every US state. The CycloFemme Pledge has led individuals to invest their energy, strength and passion to inspire one woman in their life to ride a bike. And Bicycle Share programs in metropolitan areas have lended support to reduce the barrier of owning a bike.

Farther together

In 2017 and 2018, as a community partner with World Bicycle Relief, we went greater distances together, to reduce distances for others. CycloFemme began with a belief in the power of a bike to transform lives. Through this partnership, our community brought bikes to 381 schoolgirls in sub-Saharan Africa, through collective fundraising and donations. These bikes allow girls to access education, opening paths forward. 

CycloFemme was founded in 2012 by Sarai Snyder and the team of women at Language Dept. (principals Tanya Quick + Jenn Cash).

This movement is powered by you.


For press, collaborations, or special events,
please contact Sarai Snyder.

For ride questions or updates email HQ.


WE BELIEVE: That strong communities are built around strong women. That being on a bike brings us closer to our community, to nature, and to ourself. That from action comes change. That our hope, courage, and strength is amplified when we unite.