Leading a ride is as easy as riding a bike. Just take it one step (or pedal stroke) at a time. Momentum will grow, and friendships will follow.


Chose the place you’ll communicate with riders and post details—we recommend Facebook, Eventbrite, Splash or Meetup. As soon as you have your event page link, REGISTER YOUR RIDE. Answer a few easy questions and you’re on the list.


1+ 1 = a revolution! Reach out to a co-leader or your first rider and map your plan together. RIDE PLANNING GUIDE HERE.


Set your goals for fundraising, to share the power of bikes with girls in Kenya. Will you go S, M, or L for World Bicycle Relief? LEARN MORE HERE.


Promote your ride across social media and community networks to build interest. Provide as many details as possible and encourage people to commit early. PROMO TOOLS HERE


ORDER TATTOOS. Now in stock and ready to ship.


Finalize your route and test your ride for time, distance and best stops; adjust and update your plan; post final details on your event page.


3 Days before: Confirm all riders and gather their contact info. Make sure your bike is ready to roll, and you have everything you need for a great day with friends.


Ride! SHARE PHOTOS & VIDEOS with the hashtag #cyclofemme. Designate someone as photographer while you lead. We’ll provide a dropbox link to share your best images.


WE BELIEVE: That strong communities are built around strong women. That being on a bike brings us closer to our community, to nature, and to ourself. That from action comes change. That our hope, courage, and strength is amplified when we unite.