In the hands of a girl, a bicycle provides options, independence, and access to education.


On our seventh annual Mother’s Day ride, we are challenging our community to tap into the socially-driven grass roots origins of CycloFemme to create greater momentum. Historically, the bicycle has been a positive empowerment tool. In an effort to multiply our impact, riders are again encouraged to donate or add a fundraising component to support World Bicycle Relief’s program in Zambia.


As riders celebrate CycloFemme worldwide—empowering ourselves and one another—we have the added benefit of sharing that same opportunity with girls in Africa. In the hands of a girl, a bicycle provides options, independence, and access to education. Last year, we collectively raised over $30,000 to fund 215 Buffalo Bikes to girls in Kenya. This year, we hope to double that impact.

The addition of social fundraising to CycloFemme rides helps us all remember how good shared momentum feels. By going the distance together, we can put more bicycles into the hands of girls fighting for their education.


Pitch in $147 as a team.
Give a girl a bike.

Set a higher goal and invite family or work to match your contribution.

Partner with a bike shop, advocacy group or brand and make it an event.

No matter how large or small your donation, it adds up to broader possibilities for girls. All tax-deductable donations will go directly to WBR through a single fundraising page, where we can watch our collective contribution grow. If you’re inspired to pursue a larger, personal approach, you can create your own connected fundraising page. The tools are all ready for you here.

World Bicycle Relief is a global nonprofit working to mobilize people through The Power of Bicycles®. They accomplish their mission by providing simple, sustainable bicycle transportation to people in rural and emerging regions of the world with the vision to eliminate distance as a barrier to independence and livelihood. Since the organization’s founding in 2005, it has distributed over 390,000 bicycles to students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs in developing countries.

CycloFemme is proud to join World Bicycle Relief as a Community Partner.

WE BELIEVE: That strong communities are built around strong women. That being on a bike brings us closer to our community, to nature, and to ourself. That from action comes change. That our hope, courage, and strength is amplified when we unite.