Why I Ride?

“Pelo contato com a natureza e pelo convivio com amigos.”

“I ride to remember: what independence first felt like; that this body and this life are mine to celebrate; and that I am strong.”

“It’s always a fun adventure that’s free, and freeing. I feel strong and independent, which is empowering.”

“Let’s have fun on two wheels together, ladies! Put the fun between your legs!”

“Feel like a kid again. Come ride with us.”

“I started riding as a way to escape the life of house, car, work, car, home. I love experiencing the city with my kids by bike and hope others do too!”

“Lovin the freedom that cycling brings and a great way to make new friends.”

“To celebrate the women who make Savannah better for bikes.”

“The mission of Women Bike RI is to increase Rhode Island’s female ridership and empower women through cycling by instilling confidence, developing skills, creating camaraderie, and spreading the joy of cycling.”

“We’re doing this to encourage other women and children to use bicycle to commute in our city, because it’s a strong way to improve the security and the emancipation of mothers and kids.”

“We want to honor and encourage all women to ride their bikes.”

“We ride to feel great and connect with other riders!”

“Our mission is to be the best bike shop for women in New York City, and a support to the community both inside and outside of the shop.”

“Because I feel free and strong when I ride.”

“We started planning the #NHVCyclofemmeride because we wanted to create the opportunity for women of New Haven to connect with each other over the joy of a morning ride. We want others to ride so they can connect with each other and with our Greatest Small City in America #gscia!”

“I ride for the freedom, fun , fitness and confidence biking brings and wish the same for all!”

“Riding is a form of freedom. It is as simple as that.”

“Riding is my therapy, my fun, my way of transportation. Have you ever been sad on a bike? Me neither. Bikes are cool and I love helping people discover that!”

“Bike Hutto values the importance of creating a bicycle friendly community within the City of Hutto focusing on the benefits (Transportation, Health, Economics, Recreation, and Environment) that bicycling provides.”

“I ride for my health.”

“Joy, grit, rhythm, song, atmosphere.”

“Because it feels like freedom, and it’s pretty fabulous conquering hills.”

“I ride for my health. I want to be healthier and stay mobile and active.”

“To increase JOY.”

“Promoting positive images of women especially African American women enjoying cycling for fun, fitness and functionality.”

“I started riding 43 years ago because it was fun, and it never stopped being fun.”

“3 years ago we started this ride as a way to honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, Empower the Future of Women in Cycling. Don’t be nervous, this is a day to celebrate women in cycling with your friends all around the world! Every ride and every rider counts! Just “Enjoy the Ride””

“Por la libertad de tránsito, de mujeres que ya no sufran violencia en las calles ni familiar”

“Because Riding.”

“Riding is my therapy and I love sharing it with a group of women that ride from my shop – the Spokeswomen!”

“Cycling is a social activity – it’s the best way to meet people and have an active lifestyle.”

“I want women (mom’s with children on bikes or in trailers welcome) to visit the Downtown area and experience the peace and quiet of the Trinity River as it runs thru Dallas.”

“Freedom, power, strength & grace! Shortly after moving to Charlottesville, I started going out on rides with a group of women cyclists. I learned so much about the roads and places of central Virginia, and gained from their collective wisdom and aspirations. Cycling is an excellent outlet for appreciating the landscape, meeting friends, and of course great exercise. There is a strong cycling community in this town, and female riders supporting and encouraging each other should be part of that.”

“We’re a group of advocates who strive to get more people to ride bikes and we’re especially passionate about encouraging and inspiring more women to ride. We ride bicycles for transportation and think they’re a powerful option. Also, it’s fun!”

“Amamos andar en bici, creemos que necesitamos mayor infraestructura en la zona y realizando estas acciones creemos que podemos concientizar en el uso “seguro” de la bicicleta a las autoridades de nuestra ciudad para que usen sus recursos en darnos “caminos seguros” para que mujers y familias enteras puedan disfrutar de este maravilloso lugar.”

“Black Girls Do Bike are encouraging all of our chapters to organize or join Cyclofemme rides.”

“I ride for the health and fitness benefits. I enjoy being in my bike and seeing new things along the way.”

“We ride to celebrate each other and our love of life on two wheels.”

“I ride to be bad ass. We should all be bad ass independent women.”

“I am riding in solidarity of women and I wish to lead the way for women to become healthier and inspire the next woman to ride!”

“I ride because it’s fun and easy. Let’s share that together!”

“I ride to see the sights and enjoy the company.”

“When I ride I’m back in ‘small kid time.’ I would ride to the beach or ride to the back of the valley. Joyful, strong, free. No longer on that tropical island, I’m in the desert now. And when i ride, I’m joyful, strong, and free.”

“I would like to be part of that spirit free adventure we women have to share with each other.”

“To enjoy ! To have less stress ! To feel good ! To share this moment with friends!”

“I love riding my bike; it keeps me in shape, I save money on gas, and its just fun!”

“I realized that I’m stronger than I thought.”

“Nothing like the wind in your hair on a bike!”

“BikeHouston is all about making Houston a better safer place to ride bikes for everyone. We love seeing more people ride more often – including women. Join us for this women’s only event celebrating Houston women riding bikes in our amazing city.”

“I ride for freedom and fitness. I love being out in the fresh air, and love sharing my passion for cycling.”

“No better view of the world than from a bicycle saddle.”

“I enjoy traveling at a pace where I can observe and learn from the world around me.”

“I like not relying on cars. Short cuts if you take trails along train tracks. Exercise and being outdoors. Plus the appreciation of vintage bikes.”

“I ride to live, to feel alive and free. I want to ride more to push myself, to be the best version of me I can be. I want to expand myself, to experience the pleasure that follows the pain that can only be felt after pushing myself to my limits. I ride for fun, to share the joys with my friends. I live to ride. I think you will enjoy it too.”

“I ride because I lovvvveeeee to ride. Riding my bike represents freedom. I’m free to go where I choose, be it fast or slow. I can stop and smell the roses and whiz by trying to reach of time goal. In the end it’s my decision and my destination and limitless.”

“This is our 4th year riding with CycloFemmes! We, as VeloFemmes, are committed to getting more women on bikes! We like to provide a safe and easy way for that to happen.”

“We want more women to ride bikes in our community. The beach ride is beautiful so we want others to join us. The more people that support women to ride the more people will ride.”

“By riding my bike, I calm my mind, feel fit, smell the roses and get to know my community. Oh yeah, and I get to eat more without feeling guilty. If more of us used our bicycles for pleasure and transportation, our world would be a more civil place.”

“We started to create awareness for women’s cycling and have ridden CycloFemme every year since!”

“Ladies of Cape Town unite for some bicycle fun! The promenade is simply a beautiful place to discover bicycles, the ocean and new friends.”

“In my opinion, bicycling is the best way to navigate and explore cities. I want others to join me to experience a new perspective of The Motor City.”

“This ride is inspired by Rosey the Riveter. We want to celebrate females and all those that identify as females to ride together in solidarity. Women are encouraged to dress up as Rosie, but not required. #SiSePuede! #WeCanDoIt!”

“Because riding bikes is awesome fun and everyone should get a chance to experience it.”

“Because in 1968 I got sent home from sixth grade for wearing pants to school!!!!”

“Feel the freedom of rolling along the countryside, feel the fitness, see the world up close, and share an activity with friends around the world.”

“Because I love it! Cycling makes me feel empowered and free.”

“I ride for the joy of personal locomotion in the great outdoors, for the wind and the sun on my face, and for the encounters with nature and humanity that can only take place on a bike. A bike takes away so many barriers.”

“I ride for the joy of personal locomotion in the great outdoors, for the wind and the sun on my face, and for the encounters with nature and humanity that can only take place on a bike. A bike takes away so many barriers.”

“I started riding to commute to work and save money on transit passes. It’s helped keep me sane on bad work days and has kept me in shape.”

“I ride because I love the freedom it gives me to explore and experience the world at own pace.”

“Guam first participated in 2013. With a recent increase of women cyclists on Guam, it’s time we celebrate!”

“There’s a need for more women’s ride in our area. CyloFemme has been a wonderful event for the past three years and I want to continue to build off of that energy.”

“To push my limits, for health and happiness.”


“I ride because it feels great!”

“I love to empower women in all aspects of their lives! Come whether you are NEW to cycling or a SEASONED rider willing to show up in solidarity and lead the way to becoming healthier and inspiring the next women to ride! We welcome every one to come and have a good time.”

“I started riding after a shoulder injury kept me from kayaking. And I fell in love with it. I commute to work on a bike, I road ride, and I mountain bike. I’m currently most enamored by mountain biking but love being on any bike. Every time I’m on a bike I feel like a giddy kid. It’s empowering and it’s fun.”

“We want this to be Missoula’s largest women’s bike ride EVER.”

“I started riding when I was a little girl and never stopped. I ride for ecological transportation, for physical health, for mental wellbeing, for challenge and for fun. I want others to find a place of worthwhile-ness and capability on and off their saddles.”


“I ride because riding brings peace, joy, balance, and fun to my life. I ride with other women because we are the best at lifting each other up and I love showing them they truly can do anything they set their minds to!”

“Riding takes you places faster than walking. Riding helps us connect to people and places.”

“Bikes make everything better!”

“In 20 years your mother won’t remember the flowers but she will remember the ride. And possibly the ice cream.”

“I feel free when I am on my bike! It can be as social or as solitary as I want… whatever my mood might be. I have met and been inspired by some remarkable people through cycling. Oh, and I can eat whatever I want after long rides!”

“I started riding to get outside and to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I find it important to encourage other women to ride and learn how cycling and exercise can become a part of their everyday routine.”

“We ride to develop a community of like minded people who are focused on health, wellness and the development of good friendships.”

“I like to feel free, with the wind in my face and everything in front of me…”

WE BELIEVE: That strong communities are built around strong women. That being on a bike brings us closer to our community, to nature, and to ourself. That from action comes change. That our hope, courage and strength is amplified when we unite.